Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club official announced the morning of December 24, 2012 (Brazil Local time on the evening of December 23) with the Pakistan A giants Botafogo team offensive the core el of ELKESON, the full name ELKESON de Oliveira Cardoso and formal signing,ELKESON will officially join Guangzhou Evergrande, a transfer fee of 5.7 million euros, the contract for four years. The players will be about January 5, 2013, arrived in Guangzhou, when the club will hold a new aid will meet.
Brazilian potential star ELKESON, 23 years old, height 180cm, weight 77kg, debut in Brazil Victoria team, widely optimistic about the development potential of youth incurs the big clubs in Europe. 2009, ELKESON debut at the Pakistan A team for two consecutive years was the state championship; 2010, ELKESON, with six goals and eight assists shine samba; 2011, ELKESON, fought Pakistan A giants Botafogo team with eight goals and 10 assists ranked second place when Pakistan A in assists all-around performance, 22-year-old that is selected for the Brazilian national team, to become a world-class potential rising star, media as "one hundred international football magician", most attention Samba genius; 2012, El Eriksson 11 goals 4 assists ranked in the top ten of this year, Pakistan A top scorer sustained Almighty performance to become the first team striker, won the favor of many European giants team and offer.
ELKESON a debut of their style of play the Jibei wide range of media, fans talk, known as the "new generation Hulk HULK", "Brazil Gerrard" even "Brazil C Luo. Its powerful physique, at an alarming rate, comprehensive technical, feet balanced, highly explosive and aggressive, one hundred meters a staggering 10 seconds 32,40 meters sprint speed is 3 seconds 54, the ball is very prominent, good breakthrough manufacturing threat, both concise and efficiency of the European players, running a positive vision, team-oriented, edge binding ability of strong. Field both competent organization attacking attacking midfielder position, attack speed through the ball, with excellent passing vision instantly sent a deadly threat to the ball; as a winger position, extremely wide play by strong breakthrough manufacturing opportunity opportunistic assists, easily scoring team center; striker strikes more directly as powerful physical collapse of the will of the other defensive attack and score. The players of the offensive attributes are very comprehensive, forward consciousness has to move ahead, diverse offensive skills, excellent ability to score, violence, long-range and direct kick its two main scoring weapon.
ELKESON strict self-discipline in personal life away from OTC interference, has been the team's training model, it has been the most dependent on the player's most trusted teammates. Therefore, we believe that Al Eriksson Hengda in the new era of international signings have been looking for a time when rapid rise, the next big foreign aid has unlimited development potential, declared by top European scouting system, officially entered the FIFA altar genius selection field.
Evergrande Football Club since its inception, committed within five years, the impact of the AFC championship, and has been constantly on the professional market road to try and open up. In this ambitious target, under the guidance of the club is adhering to the "to do the best" principle, not only resolutely century to build the youth training bases and training base, prominent moderate advance the concept of foreign aid choice. Through investment to introduce young players to grow the value and appreciation of space, share player of growth and income, is a big professional clubs in Europe are very common mature mode of operation. In previous international player transfers, the club adopted professional operation successful introduction of outstanding young foreign aid in Brazil, South Korea, and to enjoy foreign aid growth premium bonus highly recognized by the industry. Commercial bid and the transfer negotiations in the international player transfers, from the grips of a number of professional clubs in Serie A, La Liga, Portuguese ultra Russian ultra Japan contest winner, Hengda patience, sincerity and strength for all to see, Hengda high starting point, high platforms and ambitious development plan once again a high degree of recognition of the other clubs and players, the cooperation between the two sides to further consolidate cooperation with the Pakistan A giants Botafogo club again. In fact, as early in the year and a half ago, we noticed the potential of the players and focus lock by professional scouts a better understanding of its performance has been the team coach Marcello Lippi also several sent people to observe this players tied for its future development in particular favor the signings of first target candidates and small Lippi utilized as a famous international brokers network of resources is directly responsible for the manipulator and quickly agree. Final choice check ELKESON, and in line with the club to the selection of a principle of foreign aid, "not Figure fame Look at the strength not Figure qualifications Only potential, we have to pick both the power and the potential for long-term development for the team players and let the players through the professional market operation to invest increasing appreciation of innovative professional clubs profitable new model.
We believe that Al Eriksson joined Guangzhou team has historic significance, this is a world-class potential superstar genius landing super stadium for the first time, will help shape the new image of Chinese football, declared that Chinese football is not only to attract at the end of his career. fame veteran, can also attract the pinnacle of his career when playing star, the more you can attract international potential in the career rise of superstar genius; would also help to enhance the overall image of Chinese football, attract more positive when the play of the year's top players to effect; threshold and the level of football in China, help to improve the strength of enterprises to deepen the level of participation, increase the introduction of all kinds of great caliber and culture make up efforts to promote football; help to improve the level of Chinese football league to The majority of fans to bring a high level of athletic performance; help enhance the future development trend of China's football, and promote the formation of "clubs to invest more in the players better performance, more fire and enthusiasm of the fans, football higher level" positive interaction.
We firmly believe that, With Al Eriksson, the joining of the international potential superstar genius, will further enhance the team's frontcourt offensive strength, rich technical and tactical offensive repertoire to make even more exciting game to help Guangzhou football in the new Super League season and the AFC Champions League future success!
Thank you! I wish you the fans and friends a Merry Christmas!
Chinese name: 埃尔克森
English full name: ELKESON de Oliveira Cardoso
Date of Birth: July 13, 1989
Height: 180cm
Weight: 77kg
Position: in the front court attack position