Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club official mascot "Canton Tiger", the Chinese name "Guangzhou Tiger", the nickname "C Tiger." Mascot design South China tiger is the creation of the prototype, the overall shape is lovely, full Reiki. Integration into the shape of the head, Guangzhou team badge Fire Elemental, symbolizes the prosperity of the Guangzhou football career is not bad, flourishing; sparkling eyes, eyes unwavering, overall image domineering exposed, show promise to Guangzhou football bring the top of the world ambition.

C Tiger's birthday is December 31, 2012, the sign of the Zodiac for the dragon, a symbol of Guangzhou Football Today "roam"; jersey number 12, on behalf of the team forever 12 people - fans.

The mascot nickname "C Tiger" triple meaning: C Tiger "also can be associated with" thinking bitter ". The Guangzhou football over the past decade precarious, ushered in the pinnacle of football career after struggling to support and help us to cherish the current results of the Guangzhou football, and encouraged everyone to the future create a new chapter "Sitian Yi bitter"; 2, C Tiger "can understood as division tiger. The tiger is the king of beasts, the tiger in their respective food chains in the top, almost no natural enemies in nature, the tiger's ability to adapt is also very strong, elegant and mighty figure. 'Tiger' is learning the Tiger's domineering and the list of small hills tolerance, help us kicked out of the more enjoyable football pitch; 3, the Cantonese "C Tiger" homonym "masters", said Guangzhou football results round leading, to become the benchmark of Chinese football, flags, and become a model of professional football clubs, "the master".