Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium
Complete date: 1987  Contruction square: 510 thousand square metre   Quantity of seats: 50,000  
Average audience rating:45,000 
The stadium is best reached by taking Guangzhou Metro Line 1 to Tianhe Sports Center Station, line 3
to Tiyuxi Road, and APM to South Sport Centre.

Getting There
Subway Line Sports West Point Festival Walk export directly
Tianhecheng Plaza: 130 195 233 280 高峰快线15 夜17 夜51
BRT Sports Center Station: B13 B10 B2 B6 B5 B9 B4A B4 B12 B21 B3 B1 B2A B3A B3B B3C B4A B14 B25 B27 体育中心东门站: 130 136 195 214 233 240 280 292 39 45 53 夜15
体育中心站: 夜10 夜15 夜25 夜35 夜47 夜9 540 夜17 夜19 夜23 夜38 夜41 夜46